Understand your consumers and provide the perfect experience at every touch point with your brand. Take advantage of the full spectrum of tools and consumer insights that will increase communication effectiveness and key business metrics.


Consumer360 is a solution to fully understand the consumer (who they are, what is important to them and how they behave, what content and where they consume) in order to better design their experience with your brand.

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If you measure yourself against challenges:

The consumer information you get now is incomplete and prepared from a single perspective: media, research or communications.

You are looking for a comprehensive view (360°) to fully understand your consumer and facilitate key decisions.

Consumer360 is the solution for you.

This solution allows you to get to know your consumer inside out and provide comprehensive answers to who they are, what is important to them and how they behave, including how they consume categories, touch points and content. Consumer360 will provide insights into who should be the audience for your product or verify your current target audience and suggest how to reach them.

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of communications, data, reports, research, models and findings from multiple sources and combining it with the knowledge and experience of our media, communications and research experts, using Consumer360, we will help you better design the consumer experience with your brand.




It allows you to fully understand the consumer (media, communications, category, sociology), create a comprehensive consumer profile, and make key decisions about communications, creative, media, products and services to design a better brand experience.


nEtno Study is a qualitative ethnographic research conducted online that allows you to better understand the trends and specifics of
selected social groups.

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Are you looking for a quick study to track emerging trends and consumer attitudes?

Are you looking for a solution that will answer, for example, what characterizes a local community and how it differs from its counterpart on the other side of the world?

nEtno Study is a solution that will provide answers to these questions.


In an increasingly mobile world, nEtno is an ideal alternative to traditional qualitative research, such as focus groups and indepth interviews. It is qualitative research in the form of an interactive online focus group. It allows for deeper insights by creating an atmosphere conducive to more candid statements from participants. It is conducted in the form of a moderated discussion allowing for inquiries and deepening of threads concerning selected problems, categories
or brands.

nEtno Study will enable you to make business decisions based on a better understanding of the consumer and emerging trends.

Additionally, any hypotheses can then be verified in a matched quantitative survey or on Usage & Attitude.




It allows you to quickly gain knowledge about selected social groups or explore trends and social phenomena.


The Street is a solution that allows you to quickly gain knowledge and verify hypotheses, thanks to the ability to conduct express qualitative research.

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Wondering what consumers think about a given topic, how they evaluate various phenomena, events, brands, advertisements, prod ucts, … but don’t have time to conduct lengthy research?

Are you looking for answers to these questions but at the same time do not have a large budget?

The Street is a solution to help meet these challenges.

It is a research tool designed for fast and costeffective qualitative research. It provides insights, opinions and assessments on a variety of freeform topics. It is conducted on The Street’s online community, in the form of a moderated discussion conducted according to a structured scenario (tailored to individual needs).

Our online research community consists of about 100 adults of different genders, ages, educational backgrounds, residing all over Poland and having different life experiences.
Participants in the discussion forum are good observers, ready to share their opinions and thoughts.


Thanks to The Street, it is possible to better understand different consumers, their needs and expectations. It is a fast and authoritative (we regularly check
that the results from The Street coincide with the results of quantitative surveys) tool that provides the opportunity to better understand various issues, and thus, make better business decisions.




A costeffective and fast exploration of a variety of issues and a gaining of insights, opinions and assessments on any topic.


Digital Footprint Segmentation is a solution that allows you to use data, from your website or mobile app, and artificial intelligence to create user segments.

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If you want to know:

How to translate insights from website data into business goals?

How based on analysis of thousands of hits on your website to create the most businessefficient user segments?

How with better, more personalized communication to significantly improve the results of digital activities?

Digital Footprint Segmentation is a solution that will provide answers to these questions.

It is a solution that, through a combination of cloud computing and the latest machine learning technologies, significantly expands the possibilities for personalization and targeting of your online marketing activities.


With Digital Footprint Segmentation, you will fully automate the process of creating, using and activating the most business efficient user segments in your advertising platforms. This will cause your communications to reach key audiences and increase the ROI of your marketing efforts.




It allows you to optimize your communication activities by reaching datadriven, key user segments, which in turn directly translates into business results.


Website Experience Booster is a solution for improving the user experience of your website.

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If you want to know:

How to make your website meet the business goals set for it.

Which variant of your communication landing page is most likely to increase the conversion rate (goal achievement)
How to improve the user experience of your site and make it easier for users to navigate through it.

How users behave on your site, what do they find interesting, what are they looking for?

At the same time, do you want someone to implement all the changes and modifications?

Website Experience Booster (WEB) is a solution that will answer these questions and allow you to implement the necessary changes into reality.

It is a solution that allows you to measure and describe with data the behavior of users on the site. Every mouse movement or click can be analyzed. Website Experience Booster therefore allows you to identify those elements of the site that need improvement, which at the same time have a significant impact on the achievement of business goals.


At the same time, WEB makes it possible to implement the recommended changes. In turn, this approach saves time and money in the process of optimizing the user experience.

With Website Experience Booster, you will easily decide on the optimal target page, structure and website elements. We will also show you the best way to measure and report KPIs, and explain which elements of the site and why you should change them.




Allows you to make and implement decisions to optimize the user experience, lead generation process or ecommerce purchase process, which in turn directly translates into business results.


Usage & Attitude (U&A) is a solution for understanding categories, attitudes and habits and gaining indepth knowledge about consumers.

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If you want to know:

Who your biggest competitor is in the eyes of your consumers?

What are the attitudes and habits of consumers, and how do they evaluate your competitors and you?

What challenges do consumers face when it comes to using your products or services?


What barriers do they face Usage & Attitude is a solution that will provide answers to these questions.

With U&A, you will learn about the unmet needs of your consumers, their expectations and habits (e.g. in terms of developing new services, filling gaps in the market, identifying needs).

Which, in turn, can allow you to build a competitive advantage.

Usage & Attitude allows you to better understand your category and tailor your communications to your audience.
Each U&A study is designed individually for you to gather key insights.

This is especially important in the face of changing social, political and economic situations, category developments and evolving consumer habits and attitudes.




It allows you to increase or build a competitive advantage by knowing how to respond to challenges, unmet needs and changing consumer attitudes.