The set of products that provide clients with the ability to assess the development of their digital business and the maturity of their marketing activities in operational, tactical, and strategic areas.

Cookie-less Impact Assessment (CIA)


The CIA (Cookie Impact Assessment) includes questions that assess the operational impact of the deprecation of third-party cookie files. The product was created to understand and identify priorities that are important for clients regarding the impact of privacy issues on the digital ecosystem.

Channel Activation Maturity Index (CAMI)


CAMI (Channel Analysis and Maturity Index) allows gaining insights into a client's paid digital channels (Programmatic, Search, Social). Its goal is to provide knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of these channels, enabling their development and assessing digital maturity.

Digital Maturity Index (DMI)


DMI allows for the assessment of the client's current marketing maturity. The product was created to identify strengths and areas for development, as well as to create a roadmap of initiatives and solutions that will drive the growth of digital maturity.

Data Maturity Model (DMM)


DMM is a comprehensive audit of data and digital resources and processes within a company. The client receives a detailed picture of the level of "data maturity" development based on Gap Analysis diagnosis in the areas of data, platforms, processes, and people.