Take a strategic approach to business growth based on technology and data to match its needs. Make decisions based on knowledge and analytics, not intuition, and influence business growth. Build an organization that outperforms the competition with data science, MarTe ch and AdTech solutions.


Custom Solutions Development is a product that allows you to create profiled solutions based on technology and data to fit the specific needs of your business.

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Are your marketing and sales departments using a large amount, and a variety of data sources?
Are you facing the challenge of correctly combining data from different sources?


Custom Solutions Development can help you overcome these challenges.


The lack of proper tools and access to combined data makes it difficult to get a broad business perspective.


This can lead to difficulties in making the right business decisions and even result in budget losses. Our product will work when boxed, inflexible technologies don’t meet all the needs of the business and the marketer.


At Custom Solutions Development, we combine advanced technology skills and distributed data sources and translate them into s olutions for your individual needs. This enables you to create tools that automate your work and make data management easier. The solutions we design and implement use best practices and available technologies.



Allows you to create solutions that address your company’s specific challenges, resulting in better business decisions based on complete data.
Additionally, it allows you to visualize the combined data used in reporting and for optimizing marketing activities.


Business Intelligence is a solution for making better business decisions faster by visualizing key data and information.

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If you want to know:


How to bring key insights from data to your fingertips.


Would combining information from different sources and being able to analyze it easily facilitate better business decisions.

At the same time, do you need anytime, anywhere access to information Business Intelligence is the solution for you.


It is a product that enables you to extract the full potential from your data by combining and visualizing it. It allows you to easily access the most important information about your business or competitors, anywhere and anytime.


With Business Intelligence, you will make key business decisions more easily, and our approach, which allows you to design ea ch dashboard according to your needs, will make the process much faster and easier.




Pozwala na skrócenie czasu podejmowania decyzji biznesowych, dzięki ułatwieniu wyciągania wniosków z kluczowych danych i wskaźników.


Data Driven Transformation allows you to put your organization on the path to digital transformation and build a datadriven culture.

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If you measure yourself against challenges:

Your organization’s marketing and sales departments use a lot of data and information.

You are implementing new technologies, but not using them to their full potential.

You make decisions based more on experience and intuition and less on the data at your disposal.

You want your company to lean much more heavily on data and use it to its full potential.


Data Driven Transformation (DDT) will address these challenges.


It is a severalstage, comprehensive process through which we will guide your company or selected parts of it. As a result, it will enable your organization to enter a higher level of digital maturity. In the Data Driven Transformation process, we will identify the changes that need to be made, design solutions tailored
to the specifics of your company, and implement them in your organization.


By conducting a DDT process and taking a comprehensive look at your organization from the perspective of data, technology, functioning processes and owned resources, we will work with you to conduct a strategic digital transformation and build a fully data driven organization.




Allows you to identify areas in need of change and transform your organization to a fully datadriven one.


Data & Technology Audit makes it easy to select and implement the technologies that will bring the greatest benefit to your business.

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If you want to know:


Which of the available technology solutions will make a real business impact and support marketing.


How to choose the best ones, the most tailored to your company’s needs and the most costeffective.


How to effectively combine different technology solutions and enable easy flow of data and knowledge.


Data & Technology Audit is the solution that will answer these questions.


It is a process that allows you to bridge the gap between business need and technology. A structured and strategic approach and our experience allows us to select the best and most optimal solutions for your business.


In a Data & Technology Audit, we start with a thorough understanding of your business requirements and goals. The next step i n the process is the preparation, tailored to your needs and goals, of a map of tools and their connections. The final step is to fully configure, implement and train your company’s employees on how to use the implemented technology in practice.


With Data & Technology Audit, you will effectively select and implement technologies that will have a strategic impact on the development of your business.




It saves you time and budget, and allows you to select and implement the technologies that will best meet the needs of your business.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize marketing budgets across your product or brand portfolio to maximize ROI and grow your overall business.

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If your challenges are:

How to manage the overall marketing budget wisely?

How to divide it among brands and/or markets to unlock business growth?


Portfolio Optimization is the solution for you.

It is a proprietary solution for optimizing the distribution of marketing budgets across the portfolio between brands, media and over time (for international clients, also between markets).

Portfolio Optimization is based on a series of econometric models that by optimizing the analytical process, while maintaining the quality of the results allow you to test more brands within a portfolio, in less time.


As a result, Portfolio Optimization strikes a balance between minimizing analysis costs and maximizing the quality and reliab ility of the resulting
recommendations. The analysis provides clear, datadriven, applicable recommendations for managing a portfolio of products or brands.




Optimization of marketing budgets between brands, media and over time (also between markets if we are talking about a client operating in multiple markets).


Develop your team’s and company’s competencies in analytics, research, data and marketing technology.

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How do you build an organization that stays ahead of the competition by leveraging practical knowledge?


How do you derive the most value from the data at your disposal?


Where do you start to unlock the potential from collecting, processing and analyzing data in your team or company?


We are here to support you in building your knowledge and expertise! Knowledge which is not only theoretical, but above all comes from practitioners with years of relevant experience. We provide dedicated and tailored training for you, your team or your company on a rich range of topics: consumer research, econometric modeling and statistical analysis, web analytics, use of key tools such as Google Analytics or HotJar. We will teach you how to create your own analysis in business intelligence tools. Using practical examples, we show data strategies that will address market challenges, including cookieless.


By sharing concrete knowledge, we help our clients create competent teams that find their way in the world of data and technology.




Building knowledge and new competencies in the organization, and a great way to motivate employees and stay ahead of the competition.